Doodle Dog Goes to Austin!

For those following our trail, here are the updates on our recent adventure South to kick off the first Thursday Therapy Austin! Our tour troupe, which included Sweet Pea Events’ Kelly Simants and Meaghan Cody, received warm welcome from the fellow wedding pros and visited several awesome venues over the course of the week. Here is a glimpse from our album:

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Barr Mansion

Our first destination was Barr Mansion, a rustic escape nestled on the outskirts of the city. Ushered through its doorway beneath a sculpted wooden canopy, we began to see that every detail about the Mansion was thoroughly invested in. We were greeted by the woodwork and cozy feel of this organic venue, with tree trunks supporting the high ceilings of its reception hall and a quaint retreat perfect for cocktails or R&R as your party transitions.

"Thursday Therapy Austin Wedding Event, Austin Wedding Event, Austing Wedding Venue"

Next Stop… The Palm Door

In the midst of the metropolitan lies this patio getaway. With outdoor decks that run the entire length of the building, The Palm Door is a hip, versatile party venue where urban Austin meets the great outdoors.

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"Thursday Therapy Austin Wedding Event, Austin Wedding Event, Austin Wedding Venue"

Our next stop on the agenda was Texas Old Town

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Moving along, we made our way to Texas Old Town, a stunning stop, located in Kyle, Texas. Every brick along the paths at this “multi-pavillion,” enchanting venue were laid by same few men who manage the venue today.

Its charm extends throughout the grounds into the dance and reception halls, and into each corridor of entertaining space. The site offers multiple stages and hidden arches, allowing for simultaneous ceremonies with all of the stunning atmospheric exclusivity and without any distraction. Impressive? We thought so.

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Paloma’s Nest

Like kids in a candy store, we couldn’t visit Austin without treating ourselves to a stop at Paloma’s Nest trip! So we were lucky enough to meet up with Caroline (the creative genius behind Paloma’s Nest) for breakfast and then head over to her brand new shop. As Caroline and her husband gave us a tour of their shop we fell even more in love with the priceless hand-made goodies that lined its walls. Indulge:

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Vintage Villas

On the last day of our tour we made a few more quick stops, Vintage Villas brought us even nearer to the water’s edge at Lake Travis, where the scenic panorama was captured by it’s shoreline wedding venue, Vintage Villas.

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Lastly, The Alan House

"Thursday Therapy Austin, Austin Wedding Venue"

…and The Winefield Inn

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It was a marathon race of networking and tours for the first trip down to Austin, and we feel like there was so much left to see. So we would love to hear from the Austin natives… tell us the best places to go, best places to eat and what we missed.

We’ll be back on a monthly basis from here on out as Doodle Dog is expanding and in that direction. So we would love to meet you on our next visit this Thursday and Friday!

"Thursday Therapy Austin, Austin Wedding Venue"

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